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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1892353101482306295973389Luke HitchcockCharlestown2018/20192nd Grade One Day Competition (RMC)3 1Wests CC
2815609921482306295993781*Cooper SuttonCharlestown2018/20193rd Grade Competition6 1Toronto Workers DC
3727459251482306297632572David MooreCharlestown2018/20194th Grade Competition6 1Toronto Workers DC
4691606501482306290802069Chris S RendinaCharlestown2018/20192nd Grade Two Day Competition1 1Toronto Workers DC
5651605881482306290802565Todd DisneyCharlestown2018/20192nd Grade Two Day Competition2 1Cardiff-Boolaroo
6641604991482306288013264Jed DicksonCharlestown2018/2019Tom Locker Cup (1 day Competition)4 1Newcastle City
7601670641482306297631960Alexander RiesCharlestown2018/20194th Grade Competition5 1Wallsend
853980101482306288011253Daniel ArmsCharlestown2018/2019Tom Locker Cup (1 day Competition)1 1Stockton Northern Districts
9525609961482306288011252Michael RichardsonCharlestown2018/2019Tom Locker Cup (1 day Competition)1 1Stockton Northern Districts
105212065561482306295992552David EllisonCharlestown2018/20193rd Grade Competition4 1Newcastle City
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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